Love this indoor range! The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and friendly and the pricing is good as well! The facility is nice and clean and the lanes are super easy to use! We brought our own firearms and targets instead of renting anything. I had an absolute blast tagging along with my mom and family friends and seeing who could get the best shots! (I was the least experienced but most accurate πŸ’πŸ»β€β™€οΈ 🀣)

Rowena M.

Great establishment to go shoot. from clean environment to the well mannered and informative staff, the visits are always enjoyable.. great prices on firearms, ammo & indoor range lanes.. also can rent a wide range of rifles, pistols and a fully automatic.

Robert D.

I've been to 2 ranges like this. This one has quite the extensive inventory. It's a good price as well. My weapon jammed and they had a gunsmith there to take a look at the issue. I'll be returning that's for sure.

John R.

I love this range in Longview! Everyone that works there is super cool and super helpful. I've been in a couple of their classes and their lead instructor, Justin, is very knowledgeable! Their Lane technology is advanced as well. They have a system with pre programmed training programs, so you can customize your training session and get more out of your trip to the range. If you're near Longview, check them out! Also, take one of their classes. Carrying a firearm isn't good enough, you need to know how to use it. And Justin is the type of guy you want teaching you!


Excellent service. Solid facility. Quality equipment. Reasonable rules. I think it costs too much $ to shoot there but I think that almost everywhere because I'm a dinosaur. LMAO

Shawn T.

Top Shot is an amazing facility and the staff is very knowledgeable. Ask for Justin he sold me two firearms at an excellent price and is very knowledgeable. I go there every Saturday to shot. I have their local heros membership which has great benefits for retired military like myself.

Ivan G.

Took a class here and even purchased a new gun! Great place with a great staff! The employees are friendly and will help you in any way.

Kara R.

Excellent facility and staff. Good pricing and first-responder friendly.

Christian A

Great range and great people. They have what you need or can find a way to get it. High knowledge and very nice.

Eric C.

Their staff and shooting range are great!
Their prices also can't be beat! We took our granddaughter there to teach her gun safety and how to shoot. She can't wait to go again!

Tina E.

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Most staff are veterans and they know their guns lol. Anyway they are always patient and willing to answer questions and show you guns. Prices are reasonable and the range was s fun place to try out my Gen 5 Glock 17 I bought from them. That was after I had already bought a VR80 from them.

Good people and good stock, check em out! πŸ‘

James R.

I visit this shop all the time and I am a member of their indoor range. This is going to sound like a paid review but you will have to trust me it's not this is just my experience firsthand. First and foremost the staff, each and every one of them are some of the nicest people in town. I'm greeted almost immediately coming through the door with a smile and some of the staff even know my name. They will come find you and help you (not in the pushy sales person way)

Typically have a good selection of gear, and firearms at a competitive price, although the pandemic has made it tough on everyone.

Go check them out sometime you will not be disappointed!

Andrew A.

They're always super friendly and you couldn't ask for anybody more helpful.
I'm a beginner as far as being proper and safe.. I've shot guns in the woods. They made me feel right at home. I was nervous about going up there and not being knowledgeable and being around other people that were .. they cured that!
And I just bought a new rifle today and I plan on going there first.
I'm a member..

Ginny H.

Cool place!Employees were really nice.Worth the money

James P.

Great range, fairly priced, and very welcoming! Will definitely be back again!

James R.

I showed up before they where actually open on my way to West Texas. Had a long drive ahead of me. They where extremely nice and let me shop before opening. They could have turned me away but didn't. They helped me with a set of night sights and install on my every day carry and even helped me find a holster I gifted to my wife. I can not give enough praise to Top Shop and staff for there great treatment of me and my friend. I will be going back every chance I get.

John S.

Favorite firearm dealer in East Texas by far! The range is always kept up nice and they are always friendly everytime I go in! Justin, Keith, Quay, Andrew, Mark, Marissa and Collin are all awesome and always have the answers to questions if you have any! Have bought multiple firearms from them and have never had any issues at all! If you want a safe, fun and easy range experience, this is your place! Will always recommend Top Shot to anyone who wants some fun on the range with great customer service.

Paxton J.

Range is clean and the target runners are new, digital. No partial hangers, no tape or staples.
Staff are knowledgeable but more importantly, friendly! I recommend this range for everyone.

Lars E.

The staff was very polite and friendly. The ventilation in the range is very good and they have a firearms manager on the floor at all times. Pretty good selection of firearms and their related products. I would return again and I thoroughly enjoyed this first experience.


I go there frequently. Friendly staff & very helpful. I am a card carrying CHL holder which I took a class there (not sure if they still have classes there). But never disappointed when I stop by. I'm ex military so never needed extra training but it's available if needed.

Tommie R.

I've been looking all over for a product and found an old post on Facebook about the product. I called and a rep was quickly able to find it and allow me to pay over the phone as well as ensure that they receive the FFL and SOT paperwork from my local shop. Great service as well as quick.

Brandon V.

I can't say enough about this place. They have the nicest range around and a great selection of guns and accessories. Their gun prices cannot be beat! The range is small so if you go on Saturday at noon expect to wait for a lane. If you go during the week like we do, you won't have any issues. Big shout out to Reese who has always been friendly and helpful to my family.

Aaron A.

I rank these guys 5 because I have had the best experiences there. Clean outfit, knowledgeable staff and great electronics on the range. Have had problems with firearms jamming on me there and they gave me a replacement gun to shoot while they fixed mine for free. They deserve 5 stars trust me. πŸ”«πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ ...

Eli D.

Overall: Good experience for two foreigners.
Used this place when passing through the area. They were very open and easy to talk to for a couple of foreigners. We rented two pistols and a rifle. Found no issues with the rental or the use of the guns.
We basically had the range to our selves, but their were happy to challenge us and make it a great experience for us.

I would recommend this place for other turists (or likewise) who just want to rent and shoot.

Bjarke N.

Took my girlfriend. Had a great time. The staff was friendly an knowledgeable on their weapons. Clean environment an plenty of different guns to fire. Will go again. It impressed my girl also. Thanks TSIR.

Moe N.

Great Experience! Thank you very much!!

Alexander B.

Very nice facility , very safe environment. Great indoor shooting experience. Friendly and knowlegable staff. Awesome gun selection. Really good rates 20 for 2 hrs of shooting includes cool targets. Definitely the best range in East Tx.

Sean S.

I have purchased several products from the staff there and they are always friendly and most importantly, knowledgeable. The store is by far the nicest gun store in Longview and they always have what I am looking for.

Kerry H.

Staff is knowledgeable and friendly. They run an enjoyable safe establishment with reasonable prices. Cant ask for much more than that.

James S.

Nice clean facility, friendly staff. Awesome equipment like the programmable target system that you can't set with a keypad. My new favorite place to shoot on sundays.πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ ...

Zene H.